All-in-one app for Instagram. Simply Copy&Paste Hashtags to your Posts.Get more likes and followers by using trending Tags and Content.


-Online Hashtag Generator
-Cool Text Generator
-Caption Extractor

Hashtag Features / FREE /

Unique hashtags for your Instagram Posts.
-Copy Paste Tags to Instagram in Seconds.
-Frequent Content Updates from Server.
-Search from PreMade Categories.
-Add your Custom Tags.
-Customizable Layout for Hashtag Groups
-Use Favorites for easy and better Tag management.
-Easy and Fast Tag Editor(No need to type “#” every time).
-Edit Premade Hashtags by pasting on Custom Tags.
-Get likes and followers with matching Tags.

Hashtag Features / PRO /

-Generate popular and related hashtags from a single word.
-Dynamic & Smart Improved AI Hashtag Generator with Hashtag Selection Feature

Cool Text Generator / PRO /

-Create Fancy Texts for your Accounts.

Caption Extractor / PRO /

-Easily Get links and hashtags from captions

Version 3.6


Performance Improvements.
Better Results.